Getting started

Find out how to register as a TPP for our developer portal and start your implementation.

How to onboard as a TPP with us

We’re operating a manual registration process only. Follow these steps to get started:

1. Request a secure email account

Email us to get started and get access to a secure email account for onboarding.

2. Complete our onboarding form

Provide us details of your organisation and your credentials
and send it by secure email.

3. We’ll check your application

Our team will do the necessary checks and will be in touch once they're complete.

What we need from you

1. Request a secure email account

Before you complete our onboarding form, please request a secure email account to use for onboarding to our sandbox and production environments. Please email:

2. Complete our sandbox onboarding form

You'll just need to have some information to hand, including:

Please send your completed form by secure email to:

We need an SSA (Software Statement Assertion) to identify your Open Banking application. To get this:

  • Navigate to the TPP’s organisation summary page on the Open Banking Sandbox Directory
  • Click Add new statement in Software Statement section
  • Complete Add New Statement form
  • Upload the CSRs (Certificate Signing Requests) to the OBL website
  • Check if the new software statement has been completed
  • Generate the SSA.

We need digital certificates for transport and signing. To get these:

  • Decrypt the SSA using a tool such as JSON Web Tokens
  • Get the software_jwks_endpoint
  • Use this to download the JWKS files for transport and signing.

What happens next

We’ll do the necessary checks and will be in touch once they’re complete. If we then confirm that you’re all set up as a TPP with us, we’ll send you the credentials securely so you can connect to our sandbox APIs.

What to read before developing APIs

Whether this is your first time developing an Open Banking applications, or you just want to make sure you’re using the most up-to-date specifications, we suggest that you read:

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When you're ready to start testing

To get started, you just need to:

When you’ve finished testing

Once you’ve successfully completed testing, please complete our production onboarding form and send it by secure email to:

We’ll then do some more checks and if you’ve met the requirements, we’ll give you access to everything you need to start using our production environment APIs.