Open Banking developer portal

Open Banking gives our customers the freedom to use their bank accounts in new ways online.

You can develop and test Open Banking applications for our personal banking customers using our developer portal. We provide a wide range of fully-compliant APIs, along with dynamic test data and a comprehensive core banking simulator to help you build powerful and innovative applications faster.

Latest update

We have now introduced a daily payment limit, which is crucial in helping protect our customers against fraud.

For the error code and description specific to PIS APIs please review here.

For testing within our Sandbox, please review here.

Latest service updates

If you’re experiencing an issue with accessing one of our services, or you would like to know about any planned changes, you can:

Check the status of our services
Report an issue with our services

Not a developer?

You can read more about:

How to get started

Follow these steps to register as a third party provider (TPP) with us and start developing your services:

1. Complete our onboarding form

Provide us with details of your organisation and your credentials and send it by secure email.

2. We’ll register you as a TPP

Our team will do the necessary checks and once complete, we’ll confirm you as a TPP.

3. Start using our API documentation

Once we’ve sent you confirmation, you can start testing your Open Banking services.

Explore our APIs (application programme interface)

Read more about our range of Open Banking APIs that you can use to develop, test, and launch secure Open Banking services. Available for both The Co-operative Bank and smile.

AIS (Account Information Service)

Retrieves our customers’ account information and transaction data.

PIS (Payment Initiation Service)

Allows you to set-up and submit payments on our customers’ behalf.

CBPI (Card-Based Payment Instrument)

Allows you to receive authorised confirmation of customers’ funds.

Our brands

The Co-operative Bank and smile are trading names of The Co-operative Bank p.l.c. We offer Open Banking functionality for both these brands.

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The Co-operative Bank

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We don’t offer Open Banking functionality for our brand: The Co-operative Bank for Intermediaries.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

We’re operating a manual onboarding process.

You just need to request a secure email account, then send us some documentation, and complete and send our onboarding form.

We’ll then run some checks and onboard you if we have all the information we need.

Read more about how to onboard.

If you’ve checked our help and support pages and you need further support, please let us know by contacting our TPP support team.

Service quality information

We publish data on the service quality of our Open Banking platform. This details how well it’s performing, based on how secure it is and how consistently you’re able to access it. View our: