Sandbox environment

You must start development using our sandbox environment. It’s a safe and controlled place to develop your APIs and complete end-to-end testing of them without affecting our production services. We have a single sandbox environment, which you can use for preparing Co-operative Bank and smile APIs.

It replicates the functionality of our production environment where possible. So, you can use the same codebase when you move to using the production environment.

Below you can read about:

Testing volumes
Test data
Unsupported features

Testing volumes

The sandbox environment can’t replicate production volumes and therefore can’t be used for:

  • Stress testing
  • Load testing
  • Performance testing
  • Pen testing.

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Test data

The sandbox environment only includes mock data – there is no live customer data. The mock data includes PSU information, along with their accounts, transactions, balances, beneficiaries, direct debits, standing orders, scheduled payments and product. We’ll provide the live PSU usernames and credentials when you’ve successfully completed onboarding.

Our mock data has the following parameter settings you should be aware of:

  • Cbtester01 = FundsAvailabilityParameter – is set to True
  • Cbtester1025 = FundsAvailabilityParameter – is set to False
  • AISP permissions – we only currently support ReadAccountsBasic
  • Domestic payment and future-dated payment Payment ID – is always 123456
  • Standing order Payment ID – is always 123456789.

A unique payment ID will be displayed in the production environment.

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Unsupported features

The sandbox environment only supports:

  • Primary authentication
  • Mock data for set-up authentication
  • Online journey.

It doesn't support:

  • Fraud checks
  • Daily limit checks
  • Mobile app journey.

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