AIS Specifications

Here is information on where our implementation of AIS (Account Information Service) APIs differ from the Open Banking specifications.

Below you can read about:

Payment accounts
Transactions data
Step up
General specifications

Payment accounts

We support current accounts, savings accounts and credit cards for AIS APIs.

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  • We only accept currency in GBP.
  • Name field is restricted to 140 characters.
  • We only accept the below identification schemes:
    • UK.OBIE.SortCodeAccountNumber

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Transactions data

We can return transactions data from the previous 13 months. The transaction date (From and To date) should be a date prior to today's date.

The account transaction details you have requested will be provided, based on the transaction date range specified during consent creation. If the request falls outside the consent transaction date range, it will be ignored.

For credit card accounts:

  • Transaction balance amount will be shown as 'AvailableToSpend'
  • Credit line amount will be shown as 'CreditLimit'
  • Credit card account returns are only those which are un-statemented transactions – any transactions which have been made since the PSU's last statement was generated.

Please note: we do not send the current amount owed by the customer, we only share what they have available to spend and their credit limit.

For current accounts:

  • Transaction balance amount will be shown as 'Available Balance' – pending and booked transactions will be included in this calculation
  • Credit line balance amount will be shown as 'Overdraft'.

For saving accounts:

  • Transaction balance amount will be shown as 'Available Balance'
  • There is no credit line balance.

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As part of the AIS consent process, you will redirect the PSU (customer) to the Co-operative Bank or smile login page. They can then authenticate themselves using our online banking services or mobile app, then provide their consent for your service. We will then redirect them back to your application.

Then the PSU will see screens showing:

  • The PSU’s available accounts, with the option to choose specific accounts for consent
  • Additional details on the information to be shared with TPPs
  • Options available to either click ‘Continue’ or ‘Cancel’ buttons.
  • The expiry date for the consent the TPP has provided - if no expiry date is supplied by the PSU/TPP this will display as 'Ongoing'.

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Step up

As per regulatory requirements, when using the AIS, if the PSU would like access to the following 'sensitive' information, then you will need to re-direct the PSU to our Co-operative Bank or smile login page for authentication using our online banking services or mobile app:

  • Transactions over 90 days, up to 13 months
  • Direct Debits
  • Standing orders
  • Scheduled payments.

No further consent will be sought, so once successfully authenticated the PSU will be re-directed back to the AISP who can then request the 'sensitive' information.

In our general specifications page, you can found out how to construct an AISP step up Universal Link in the parameters section. You can also see the error messages you will receive when calling the APIs.

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The permissions we allow for AIS include:

  • ReadAccountsBasic
  • ReadAccountsDetail
  • ReadBalances
  • ReadDirectDebits
  • ReadStandingOrdersBasic
  • ReadStandingOrdersDetail
  • ReadTransactionsBasic
  • ReadTransactionsDetail
  • ReadTransactionsCredits
  • ReadTransactionsDebits
  • ReadScheduledPaymentsBasic
  • ReadScheduledPaymentsDetail

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General specifications

To read about settings and specifications which apply to all of our APIs, see our general specifications.

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